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My Queer Spiritual Entropy

Help! I'm a non-binary clown stuck on a silent retreat with a spiritual guide who doesn't get me...

  • Dates 05 - 13 Oct
  • Time 7:30pm, 6:30pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue TIC: Swanston
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  • Performed by: Holly Rowan

Here's a little personal note from Holly to you... *hesitates* it's potentially a bit of an overshare... but...

Beautiful people of Melbourne!
Some say that a problem shared is a problem halved... So this my personal plea for you to join me on my queer spiritual healing journey... I'm a hot mess right now and I need some support. My therapist suggested that I go on this spiritual retreat to get to know myself and gain more clarity around my gender identity... and now, I'm stuck here, the only queer on this silent retreat facilitated by this ultra heteronormative, toxically positive, bullshit spiritual guide who doesn't get me... *deep inhale, sigh it out*... Okay... so I need queers, I need allies, I need community and some actual reliable spiritual advice... can you help?! I'm trusting that with your support we can all march forth on this journey to true, beyond-the-binary enlightenment together! *dreaming big* Let's get chaotic and find self-love on the way. WE FUCKING DESERVE IT.
Big love in advance! <3

Holly Rowan will be exploring a mash up of personal experiences as a non-binary person seeking healing in spiritual settings, through clown, alternative comedy and physical theatre. Holly is a kick-arse multidisciplinary performer & ultra human from London, UK whose creativity is informed by their work as an embodiment coach. They specialise in coaching people in the queer community who are experiencing gender dysphoria/eating disorders/addiction. They are a huge advocate for queer rights and want this show to provoke further conversation around gender and inclusion in healing spaces.

In this solo show, you can expect queerness, chaos, deep inner-work, profound plot twists, dance of all kinds, a spectacular amount of improv, life-changing epiphanies, spoken word, sensational community healing, passionate singing, eternal abundance, inclusive audience participation and if we're lucky, a few moments that touch your soul (with consent). See you there!

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