My Failed Career

A comedic look at an acting career that never went anywhere.

Fringe allocation exhausted – see venue website
  • Performed by: Richard Mealey

  • Directed by: Sass Pinci

Please note: Melbourne Fringe’s ticket allocation is exhausted, for tickets visit the Butterfly Club website.

The year is 2043. Not much has changed. Politics still suck, movies are all sequels or remakes, and actor Richard Mealey, now in his 50s, is still waiting for his big break. To make ends meet, he runs an acting workshop out of the conference room of the Ho-Chunk Casino and Hotel in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. He shares his experiences, anecdotes, tips, and tricks from a fledgling career. You'll also be introduced to a number of unique characters that one meets along the path to acting mediocrity. There may even be a surprise celebrity appearance!

'My Failed Career' is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the occasional highs, and much more often lows, found when trying to launch a career in the creative arts.

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