Miso Bell - You’re F.I.R.E.D. ! (Fearless, Intelligent, with a Real Eye for Detail - An 8 Week Course Guaranteed to Boost Your Career)

Miso Bell reveals the secrets to a successful career in this heartwarming seminar.

  • Dates 12 - 14 Oct
  • Time 6:00pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue The Belfry
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Yellow stars surround a cartoon image of Miso Bell stomping down. They are balancing on three precariously balancing office chairs. The background is a block reddish brown.

Image Credit: original photo: Mae Hartrick, design: Miso Bell

  • Performed by: Miso Bell

  • Written by: Miso Bell

  • Directed by: Aiden Wilcox

They say those who can’t do 'teach.'

Fortunately, Miso Bell can be considered one of the most highly qualified teachers in what some would call “the vicinity.”

In this 8 week seminar* highly acclaimed “Job Seeker” Miso Bell will share secrets carefully extracted from their expertly erratic career path. With strangely specific and often emotionally charged insights into almost every industry, this is the perfect course for anyone looking to get ahead in their career, even if they are falling far, far, behind.

As absurd as it is sweet, You’re F.I.R.E.D. ! (Fearless, Intelligent, with a Real Eye for Detail - An 8 Week Course Guaranteed to Boost Your Career) is about dropping the ball and simply wanting to quit.

Written and performed by Miso Bell: A 2022 Victorian RAW state finalist, Triple R contributor, and host of Gloves Off, Fitzroy's only Alternative Comedy night with a live jazz band, Miso has been described as “Unapologetically weird” (Beat Magazine) and “Hilariously clever“ (Farrago).

Directed by Aiden Wilcox: Recently awarded Best Newcomer at the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival as well as the Winner of Best Comedy 2022 Melbourne Fringe, Aiden Wilcox is a fast rising comedy star.

*3 nights at Belfry Bar, Fitzroy

About Miso Bell

Miso Bell (they/them) is a queer stand up comedian, internationally published author and playwright living on unceded Woi Wurrung Wurundjeri Country.

Miso Bell creates work that threads together the strange and the heartwarming. Described as “Unapologetically weird” (Beat Magazine) and “Hilariously clever“ (Farrago), their unique blend of childlike naïveté, the grotesque, and off beat absurdism has earned them a reputation as one of Melbournes most prominent up-and-coming alternative comedians.

A writer for stage, screen and publication, they are a 2022 Victorian RAW state finalist, a recipient of the Neilma Sydney Short Fiction Prize, as well as resident with queer, Sydney-based company FruitBox Theatre. They run Gloves Off, a comedy open mic and monthly comedy show featuring a live jazz band.

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