Michael News Now

A hilarious, absurd and self-referential sketch comedy “news” show.

  • Dates 3 Oct - 22 Oct
  • Time Available On Demand (20 minutes)
  • Venue Digital Fringe
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  • Written and Performed by: Michael Lanzer

  • Produced by: Michael Lanzer

  • Filmed at: Stupid Old Studios

Mike Newsnow (played by Michael Lanzer) hosts ‘Michael News Now’, the news show that invades the life of comedian Michael Lanzer (coincidentally also played by Michael Lanzer).

The only problem is, Michael lives a pretty mundane life. So what breaking news could the team possibly uncover in this fast-paced satirical parody?

This three-part online series combines deadpan one-liners and puns, and also includes a wacky celebrity correspondent and an oblivious weather reporter (both played by someone who looks a lot like and probably is Michael Lanzer).

About Michael Lanzer

Michael Lanzer is a writer, performer, comedian, puppet builder and puppeteer who creates content for TV series, web series and short film.

He has worked as a writer for television comedy, hosted and produced community television and radio programs, performed as a stand-up, been a master of ceremonies and is trained in comedy writing and improvisation. He has hosted and presented on Channel 31 Melbourne, and has won several awards from the Student Youth Network.

His work has recently been featured in shows including ’The Weekly with Charlie Pickering’ and ‘Safe Home’, and campaigns for Mars Bar, Midas, Baker’s Delight and Reece Bathrooms.

For Channel 31, Michael created, hosted, co-wrote and produced ‘Late Night Tonight’, a 6-part parody talk show, which was filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Michael is also a puppet builder and performer, and is the founder of The Puppet Creation Lab. He has trained with ‘Sesame Street’ and Jim Henson-trained puppeteers, and has a range of experience as a puppeteer and puppet builder. Michael has worked on nation-wide campaigns, as well as regularly creating his own puppet content.

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