A Magic show like you've never seen before, unless, well unless you have, then, well, you have.

Fringe allocation exhausted – see venue website
Two male presenting person dresses as wizards, sitting upon a golden velvet couch, Will The Wizard on the right has one hand outstretched hovering an orb of light beneath his palm, the other, HalluciNathan is drinking a tea with a teabag of

Image Credit: Casper

  • Featuring: Will The Wizard & HalluciNathan

  • Created and Performed by: Will The Wizard

  • Created and Performed by: HalluciNathan

Please note: Melbourne Fringe’s ticket allocation is exhausted, for tickets visit the Butterfly Club website.

Join your hosts Will the Wizard and HalluciNathan as they guide you through a night of delight.
Embark on an adventurous journey of silly, sexy? and outrageously playful ritual magic.
There will be tricks, skills and things you have NEVER seen before, and with any luck, will never see again.
With a combined 15 years of performing experience, you do not want to miss this!
(Seriously, bring your friends, maybe a neighbour, but probably not your boss, or, do whatever, were not cops.)

This is not really a magic show, although there is magic in it, it is actually a performative ritual to shock you into loving yourself.

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