MAFIA The Game: The Show

It's kill or be killed as the hit role-playing game comes to life in an hilarious late night show!

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  • Created by: Ashley Apap & Nick Robertson

The Mafia has taken over our town! No one is safe. Civilians are dying every night and we're running out of time. We've recruited seven comedians to help us uncover who the cold-blooded killers are and bring them to justice. Though our problems are only getting worse, the Mafia have infiltrated the investigation, there are moles among us and are silencing our comic detectives one by one.

Based on the hit role-playing strategy game Mafia, come watch a late night panel show like no other, as we pit comedians against each other in a comedy show filled with as many laughs as there are lies. Split into two teams, the Mafia go head to head with the Civilians in an argumentative joust of wits and deceit as the civilians try and bring the mafia to justice - but there's just one catch, the civilians don't know who's on their team and who belongs to the mafia.

A cast of the funniest from across the Fringe have been assembled. Their task is simple: they must figure out who is who and untangle the web of lies and deceit without being eliminated by the Mafia. Alliances will be made and friendships will be ruined in an hour of a side-splitting sleuthing.

Who will survive? Only one way to find out! Come watch the hilarious whodunnit unfold in front of your eyes. Two nights only!

Friday 13 October: Scout Boxall, Nick Robertson, Millie Holten, Dougie Baldwin, Isaac Haigh, Matthew Vasquez, hosted by Ash Apap

Friday 20 October: Alex Hines, Oliver Coleman, Nat Harris, Ashley Apap. Charlie Lewin, Noah Szto, hosted by Nick Robertson

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