Linda (for one more week) - CANCELLED

A story about life after death after life.

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Two people with yellow shirts and halos stand against a blue background with cardboard cutout clouds, looking amazed up off camera.

Image Credit: Alex Winner

  • Presented by: Andy Balloch & Justin Porter

What if you were told you were going to die? What if you did? What if it was a mistake, but not, like, a big one? Like, what if the dates were slightly off, and you had an extra week? What would you do? Who would you meet? What’s truly important?

Andy Balloch (Golden Gibbo nominee 2023) and Justin Porter, the multi-award nominated team behind Cher & Retweet (Australian Podcast of the Year Nominee 2019) bring you a narrative sketch show about the time we have, the time we don’t have, and the most important things in life: milk, battering rams, vet clinics, & Lindt chocolate balls.

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