Late to My Own Party at the End of the World

Two actors, two comedy plays, too much Apocalypse to handle.

  • Dates 05 - 20 Oct
  • Time 8:15pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue Theory Bar
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Half of Hannah's face, in red, next to half of Ellen's face, in grey. Hannah is smiling, while Ellen is looking grim while wearing a pointy party hat.

Image Credit: Hannah Bath and Ellen O'Connor

  • Created by: Hannah Bath & Ellen O'Connor

  • Sound design: Mikey Owen

An apocalyptic double bill. Hannah Bath and Ellen O’Connor, on opposite sides of a cataclysmic event, explore loss, community, relentless optimism, and what makes us laugh when everything is all a bit... shit.

Hannah Bath: At the End of the World
It’s 25 minutes until the end of the world... and you’re invited to the farewell soiree! In this funny and poignant immersive experience, Hannah Bath (Utopia, The Clearing, Secret Bridesmaid’s Business, Open Slather) invites you to join her in commemorating the world as we knew it and celebrating our places and memories within it. Put on your party threads and get ready to laugh, sing and toast the beautiful world-that-was as the clock inexorably ticks down.

Ellen O’Connor: Late to My Own Party
In an underground bunker, a stand-up comedian tries to revive their set from before the Apocalypse. Will safety protocols, rationing issues, and the looming threat of extinction hamper our ability to have a good laugh? Will the audience agree to take turns on the stationary bike to power the stage lights and sound? And do aeroplane food jokes still land?

Produced in association with Quiet Roar.

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