Who are we really behind locked doors? We bet you'd LOVE to know.

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Matt (he/him) is on the left and Taylor (she/her) is standing on the right. They are both wearing blue and are both matching the blue backdrop. They are peering curiously ahead, leaning inward until their shoulders touch.

Image Credit: Timothy Knight

  • Written and Performed by: Matt Jenner & Taylor Griffiths

From the mind of Taylor Griffiths & Matt Jenner—two weirdos who make no apology for it—comes 'Latchkey'; a peep through the keyhole at a distorted character comedy, bursting with tragic sweethearts and lovable creeps.

Taylor’s gift for seeing the beauty in the day-to-day blends with Matt’s fascination with the horrors of modern life in this wildly absurd sketch show. Watch Griffiths breathe life into down-on-their-luck characters and place the joyfully mundane under the microscope whilst Jenner's explosive performance and surreal writing burrows under your skin like a foul splinter.

Matt Jenner is a Melbourne-based writer and performer who has performed to sold out audiences across the world in Chicago (iO), London (Hoopla) and Melbourne (The Improv Conspiracy, Impro Melbourne).

Taylor Griffiths (Soothplayers: Completely Improvised Potter) is a comedian, writer and performer. Coming off the back of her hit solo show ‘No Thoughts’ at the Malthouse Theatre.

Here is what the show is not: The footy.

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