Real Cases. Real People. Definitely Not a Real Judge.

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  • Presented by: Elwood Social Club Productions

  • Performed by: Kieran Bullock

Enter the courtroom of Judge Winston Macadamia-Smith, one of the world's leading authorities on matters of a trivial nature. As a self-appointed judge of no legal standing whatsoever*, Winston will be inviting members of the public to bring the sort of disputes that would never see the inside of a real courtroom - faux pas, breaches of social etiquette, and broken promises between friends and lovers will all be played out in the dramatic surrounds of the Old Council Chambers. Judge Winston will hear the cases, ask his questions, and dispense a ruling! It's plaintiff versus defendant in a format you've already seen on television a bunch of times. For their efforts the winner will win $20, and the loser is obliged, through the power of public peer pressure, to go along with whatever judgement is handed down.

Who will win? Only Judge Winston knows the answer!

Kieran Bullock (The Ides of March, IKEA WARS, Big Hoo-Haa Melbourne) steps back into the shoes of his favourite alter-ego Winston Macadamia-Smith, first birthed over fifteen years ago as a pompous university lecturer, and a full-time grumpy old man on a mission to enlighten the uninitiated on whatever topic he happens to stumble upon. He pops up at almost erratic intervals to unleash new wisdom on the world, and now he's back in his most ambitious venture ever - Judge, Jury, and hopefully not Executioner.

Dispensing the kind of searing social critiques that only he can deliver, Winston is back at his feisty and confrontational best. The courtroom of public opinion has a new Judge, and his name is Winston Macadamia-Smith!

*no seriously, a real lawyer told us we have to make it clear these aren't actual legal proceedings.

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Comedy theatre and digital silliness by Kieran Bullock and friends.

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