Jeremy Moses: 157 Minutes of Bad Slam Poetry

Behold the blind bard beneath the beret! **ACTUAL RUNTIME: 60 MINUTES**

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  • Written and Performed by: Jeremy Moses

In lockdown, comedian Jeremy Moses wrote and performed 100 slam poems in 100 days, receiving moderate acclaim on social media for his searing political commentary and silly wordplay. Going on to cover one federal and two state elections, he single-handedly saw off countless Australian political heavyweights - or so he thinks.

... but beneath/behind his trademark pink beret/sunglasses lies (lays?) a visually-impaired Australian/Indian/Singaporean/Iraqi Jew with a story to tell.

“Arguably one of the funniest visually-impaired Australian/Indian/Singaporean/Iraqi Jews performing at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival.”
- Jeremy’s family.

Join Jeremy as he presents the funny side of living with a disability, the not-so-funny side of losing a parent, and the poetic nonsense that captured his daily life for two long years!

This project received Cash for Equity through the Fringe Fund, as part of the Ralph Mclean Microgrants program.

About Jeremy Moses

Jeremy Moses is a writer/performer based in Melbourne, Australia. As a young filmmaker, he produced sketches, short films and mini-documentaries for the YouTube channel “Variety Garage”, before finding his voice as a comedian and live storyteller.

Since late 2021, Jeremy has written and performed 157 minutes of slam poetry for social media, covering pandemic restrictions, political upheaval and three federal and state elections.

Living with a visual impairment and physical disability, Jeremy advocates for more accessibility and inclusivity to better enable unique, unheard voices in the creative arts.

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