Visual Arts & Film

Is it me or you?

Is a stunning portrait the photographer's or the sitter's vision?

  • Dates 01 - 22 Oct
  • Time 1:00pm - 5:00pm (Come and go as you please)
  • Venue XYZ Photo Gallery
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A portrait of a male who has pads attached with wires coming in out in a medical or experimental way, he catches a glance at the viewer.

Image Credit: Sameed Khan

  • Artists: Khan/Costello/Xiao

  • Artists: Sameed Khan, Sionainne Costello & Steven Xiao

This is an exhibition of exquisite portraits where the artist work from different philosophical positions to make images that reflect on the sitter. Each has their own style and way of working that results in very different types of images yet, as with all portraiture the question of who has the most input in the final image remains.

About XYZ Photo Gallery

We are a small independent photographic gallery which aims to show interesting work, no matter the social, financial and background of the maker.

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