I'm Ready To Talk Now

An experimental one-on-one piece exploring chronic illness and extended hospital stays.

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An image of the artist's hand is layered over images of the interior of his hospital room, reaching towards the window. The room is filled with lights that look as though they have all spun together, and the image has a grainy film-like quality to it.

Image Credit: Oliver Ayres, Kaite Head

  • Created and Performed by: Oliver Ayres

  • Produced by: Kaite Head

  • Dramaturg: Penny Baron

'I'm Ready To Talk Now' is an immersive piece unpacking isolation, boredom, sunlight and awe - all from the inside of a hospital room. Music, projection, and physical theatre are used to unpack the worlds we must create when we are alone, and how our relationship to sunlight changes when we cannot move. A fusion of theatre, performance art, and art installation, the work can only be viewed alone with the artist.

Audiences will be invited to pre-select access requirements using an online form. This link will be sent with ticket confirmation to tailor the performance to your needs. The participant is free to leave at any point.

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund.

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