How to Shave

A celebration of trans joy, bodies, and the beautiful, silly and quite gross things they do for us.

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Han is standing in front of a navy blue background. They are wearing a classic blue jean and white tee combo, with a brown overshirt. They are looking slightly to the side of the camera with one hand placed under their chin, squishing their cheeks a bit.

Image Credit: Bekky Halls

  • Created and Performed by: Han Arbuthnott

Twenty-five-year-old transmasculine comedian and teenage boy Han Arbuthnott has been on testosterone for two years (puberty part twoberty, if you will), had an elective double mastectomy a year ago, and is quite fond of telling jokes about it all.

A rising star and charming heartthrob with a silly, honest style, Han is bringing 'How to Shave' back to Naarm after a highly successful Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut. They also recently opened for Hannah Gadsby which was both an incredible dream and a very sweaty reality.

Please note: Not literally a step-by-step guide to hair removal, but a celebration of trans joy, our bodies and the beautiful, silly and truly quite gross things they do for us.

Audience reviews include:
"Endearing comic genius"
"Silly, clever, heartwarming, and full of moments that made me wheeze"
"Han's commitment to following the dumbest rabbit holes is insanely good"

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