Hot Fat Crazy

A musical comedy love letter to the psych ward, being fat, and a lesson in why that makes you HOT!

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Bright pink background with 2 people in the foreground. A white male presenting present with short curly brown hair stands side on wearing a cropped pink nurse scrubs, dominantly staring down at a white female presenting person in a blue hospital gown with long wavey brown hair who is kneeling below him side on. She is grabbing at a lanyard around his neck and staring up into his eyes. White cartoon doodles are graffitied over the photograph, pertruding out from behind them and surround them, including Devil horns, a Halo, cigarette, anal beads, flame, rock on symbol, breasts, musical notes and a sock puppet.

Image Credit: Rory Lou

  • Written and Performed by: Tommy & Eadie

  • Directed by: Aubrey Flood

The true story of one woman’s HOT journey through a very FAT psych ward admission, also she is CRAZY.

Written by and Starring Eadie Testro-Girasole & Thomas Bradford, 'HOT FAT CRAZY' is the inaugural show from emerging comedy duo, Tommy & Eadie.

Our show is based on Eadie’s eye-opening, healing and hilarious experiences during her many psych ward admissions, and her journey of reclaiming the word ‘fat’ and rejecting its negative connotations!

'Hot Fat Crazy' submerges you in a hyper-surreal, silly and sexy fictional Psych Ward, where inpatients get it on, the nurses can get away with anything, and wizards cure your depression with the power of magnets ... Oh, and did we mention the 27 SOCK PUPPETS?!

With a score of entirely original songs spanning multiple genres, Tommy & Eadie take you on a lyrical journey with their powerhouse vocals and musical stylings, while they attempt to nail the intricate dance moves (and impress with their sexual prowess).

This two person musical sketch comedy is a musical love letter to the psych ward, being fat, and a lesson in why that makes you HOT!

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