An American comedy writer chronicles his move to Melbourne, Australia.

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A very determined man stands beneath a hook turn sign. There is an American flag on his left and an Australian flag on his right.

Image Credit: Greg Fideler

  • Written and Performed by: Greg Fideler

  • A Production by: Laugh Track Live Comedy

Greg Fideler is an American comedy writer and performer. He has written for The Soup w/ Joel McHale, David Letterman, The Tonight Show and SNL's Weekend Update. Six years after moving from Los Angeles, California to Melbourne, Australia, he has written a show about the experience. Greg thought it would be a good idea to get out of America whilst Donald Trump was running the show. When he got to Australia he discovered that switching countries was harder than it looked. Sometimes you have to go left before you can go right.

About Laugh Track Comedy

Has written for David Letterman, The Tonight Show, SNL's Weekend Update and The Soup w/ Joel McHale. Fled the US when Trump came to power. Now just another Australian Funnyman currently producing live shows in Melbourne's suburbs.

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