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Hiding Behind the Mask: Jesters, Jokers, and Clowns

A masterclass on the meaning behind characters, seen through the lens of the theatrical mask.

  • Dates 8 Oct - 22 Oct
  • Time Available On Demand (80 minutes)
  • Venue Digital Fringe
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  • Curated by: C ARTS | international independent arts programme

  • A Production by: Rosemary George (New York, USA)

An investigation into the hidden meanings behind characters from ancient Greek theatre, commedia dell’arte, film, television and slapstick. From Greek Tragedy to Japanese Noh Theatre and Chinese Opera, theatre has discovered a way to hide the realities and truths from themselves and the world around them. Join Professor Rosemary George as she takes you on a lecture tour through the joys and sorrows, comedies and tragedies of life..

"The professor’s range and extent of research is clearly apparent" - EdinburghGuide.com

"A densely packed piece of work which successfully steers a course between the jagged rocks of academic dryness and the coral reefs of mundanity" - EdinburghGuide.com

"Brilliantly and eloquently written... Thoughtful... Extraordinarily well-researched" - Audience Review

"Quite unique... Informative and fun" - Audience Review

Created and Read by | Rosemary George

Part of the C ARTS programme, a home for international independent arts, showcasing creativity, celebrating diversity, at C venues at the Edinburgh Fringe and on the C digital online platform year-round. Full programme at http://www.CtheArts.com

About Rosemary George

Rosemary George is a renowned singer who also teaches in New York City, dividing her time between the stage and the classroom. She has performed through many different avenues: cabaret, concert, vocal coaching, opera, musical theatre, public radio, and educational lectures. She has performed with C ARTS at multiple Edinburgh Fringes.


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