Hannah Sainty - Look Who's Stalking Now

A hilarious cabaret about chasing dreams, getting chased and being gaslit by your algorithm.

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  • Artist: Hannah Sainty

Get ready for 'Look Who's Stalking Now', a hilarious comedy cabaret that dives deep into the world of social media technologies, blurring the lines between our digital and real-life existence. Join Hannah Sainty on a rollercoaster ride of storytelling, stand-up comedy, and peculiar act-outs as she explores the boundaries of personal space and teaches us about empathy through AI.

In this authentic and captivating performance, Hannah takes you on a journey from introverted hermit to extroverted rockstar, navigating the absurdities and pitfalls of our modern connected world. Brace yourself for a punchy and thought-provoking comedy experience that will have you laughing, cringing, and reflecting on what it truly means to live in the age of oversharing.

'Look Who's Stalking Now' is not just a comedy show; it's a comedic exploration of our digital lives, where social media antics and AI interactions collide. Prepare to be entertained, engaged, and enlightened as Hannah Sainty takes the stage and delivers a comedy cabaret like no other. Don't miss out on this captivating and entertaining experience that will leave you questioning your own online habits and craving for more laughter.

About Hannah Sainty

Hannah Sainty is an actor, comedian, writer and podcaster. Performing comedy across Australia, strap in and enjoy her witty storytelling and energetic re-enactments.

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