Grant Lockwood - Ctrl+Alt+Defeat

Everything you never wanted to know about cyber, but were forced to find out.

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A person wearing a black T-Shirt who has a gray short mohawk is looking confused at the camera. Behind them is a background of 0s and 1s, like binary code.

Image Credit: Grant Lockwood

  • Created and Performed by: Grant Lockwood

Have you been forced to sit through corporate security awareness training? Did it suck? Of course it did.

Grant Lockwood has been doing cybersecurity for a long time. A very long time, and he's tired now and needs a rest. Let him tell you why, over the course of a progressively unhinged PowerPoint presentation.

Part educational, part comedy, mostly therapy session, all loosely wrapped in a thin veneer of the sketchiest corporate training you've ever seen.

We may even find out what a cyber is.

Attendance at this show will count for 0 CPE hours.

Actual feedback I have received:
"I'm not sure how much I learned, but this was pretty fun!" and "The biscuits weren't very good."

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