God Hates Me

A nerdy trip from witchcraft trials to the modern capitalist hellscape of billionaire cultists.

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Picture of Jack Brady with clouds behind them peering into the distance and a lightning bolt coming out of a cloud (the hand of God) almost hitting them.

Image Credit: Jack Brady

  • Performed by: Jack Brady

  • Produced by: Ellen Mahoney

It's nerdy. It's filled with strange facts that are funny. Jack has been a scholar of oppression for 20 years and this show is dedicated to their morbid love of strange history about women and queer culture.

There will be references to third nipples and how Botox was once a disease named after the Latin word for sausage. How did we get here? How is it that with more and more information we have an increase in flat earthers? Let’s enter the roundabout of right-wing cultists, curing cancer with broccoli, private jets and preachers in expensive sneakers and give it a whirl!

The ultimate in anti-TED talks, come pray away the ridiculous old world of the religious right-wingers with a self-confessed “agnostic-humanist-pseudo-atheist”, which basically means “many faiths that can help humanity, but we can reserve the right to disagree with the rubbish bits”.

Come and join a queer autistic anthropologist’s nerdy trip from the witchcraft trials through early medicine to the modern capitalist hellscape of billionaire preachers and wellness cultists.

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