Gender is a Scam and I am Winning

An uplifting musical comedy playing with intersections between race, nationality, and gender.

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Josh Cake sits behind a piano with a goofy smile and arms raised in triumph. A pink and a blue balloon are floating from the piano either side of Josh. Josh is wearing a plain white T-shirt.

Image Credit: Nick Robertson

  • Created and Performed by: Josh Cake

  • Produced by: Ivka Taylor-Moss

The best joke Josh ever told was during a terrorist attack in Paris in 2015. Josh will tell this joke, other jokes, and sing songs containing jokes.

Josh Cake (any pronouns) has external identities of brown, Australian, man. All of these are scams and Josh feels no internal connection to any of them.

However, Josh is in this game for the money and power.

Josh is sticking with Australian for the strong passport, sticking with man for the numerous benefits, and sticking with brown because that one is too hard to modify.

Josh will consider other options if offered a better deal.

"Josh Cake sets a new standard for cabaret" ★★★★★ – The Recruiting Officer
"A stunningly intelligent performer ... bold, absurd, and committed" ★★★★★ – Red Kangaroo
"A masterful display of meticulously timed hilarity" ★★★★★– The Bullock

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