Galah Galah

Where my anxious girlies at? This one's for you.

$22.00 - $30.00
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A sky-blue backdrop. Gemma wears a hot pink dress and matching shoes, she is sitting on the floor with her legs out and hands in her lap, surrounded by pink feathers. She is looking a bit defeated and looking off to the side.

Image Credit: Lucinda Goodwin

  • Written by: Gemma Caruana

  • Directed by: Sarah Frencham

  • Presented by: Mover's Call Theatre Company

This very loud little girl was handed down two things by her family: a nickname comparing her to a noisy bird and a lot of high expectations.

A brand new work by Gemma Caruana, 'Galah Galah' features hilarious and heart-wrenching stories that every high-achiever-perfectionist-anxiety-ridden-eldest-sister type will find scarily familiar.

'Galah Galah' is a deep-dive into Gemma’s obsessive habits and people-pleasing practices told through a little oversharing and a lot of laughing at herself. From bucket-lists written at age 5 (morbid and unrealistic), to a 2008 Beijing Olympics assignment that definitely should've been graded an A+ instead of just an A (still not over it), 'Galah Galah' will comb through the most dramatic moments of Gemma’s childhood, reflect, and ask "was it really worth the stress-induced alopecia in year seven?".

After the critically acclaimed tour of her debut show 'Underwire', Gemma Caruana brings her newest work to the Festival Hub this Melbourne Fringe Festival. Directed by powerhouse creative Sarah Frencham and produced by Mover’s Call Theatre Company, 'Galah Galah' is one cabaret critics and audiences alike have been waiting for.

★★★★★ - Fresh 92.7
★★★★★ - Theatre Matters
★★★★★ - Lilithia Reviews
★★★★ - The Advertiser

"A masterclass in cabaret writing and performance. Gemma Caruana is perhaps one of the funniest, wittiest and talented cabaret performers in Melbourne.” - You Should See It Melbourne

“A tightly focused, urgent and often boisterously funny story. Caruana comes across as a force of nature." - The Saturday Paper

This project received Cash for Equity through the Fringe Fund, as part of the Ralph Mclean Microgrants program.

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