Fringe Flavours

We hope you’re hungry, because it’s time for some Fringe snacks!

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A person dressed as grapes, with multiple purple balloons attached to their body and a short purple bob wig

Image Credit: Katey Shearer

  • Presented by: Melbourne Fringe

Every Wednesday night we invite artists from the tastiest Fringe shows of the week to give you a snack-sized sampler of their upcoming gig.

On the menu each week will be a Fringe-tastic host and a cast of deliciously talented artists across a mix of genres and styles.

Don’t know where to start filling up on Fringe? Check out these tasty snacks and then choose your main meal!

WEEK 3 (Hosted by Annie Louey) - 18 Oct
Galah Galah
Of Stars and Streetlights
Temporary Visa Holder
Dougie Baldwin
Outer Demons

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