Hide your chickens, something wicked this way comes... A romp with Australia's favourite villain.

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A road at night with yellow lines and a streetlight in the distance. Meg Taranto with orange and white fox makeup on their face, freezes like an animal in headlights with their left hand in front of them and a scowl on their face. On their right hand is a fox puppet, feral looking and with its mouth open.

Image Credit: Sam Taranto and Jess Lu

  • Presented by: Three Bags Fool

  • Created by: Meg Taranto and Solomon Rumble

  • Produced by: Jess Lu

"I’m a Fox.... but I’m a twenty FIRST century fox. I’m self-aware. I know I’m not meant to be here. I know that I’m a pest, that my soft, soft, little feet and my dexterous little paws wreak VIOLENT havoc on this land. This land, which my kind occupy 75% of. And I know I am hated by 100% of you. But you see I’m hated by 100% of someone else. Myself. Because YOU have the wrong idea of me."

Welcome to the highway, a fast dog-eat-dog world - a grimy artery drawing and yielding from the big smokes. This, is the home of Fox, Australia's favourite pest, Australia's quickest and most handsome villain.

Go with them as they show you this life on the highway, via a comedic, theatrical experience that speaks directly to, and places the audience at the centre. They will introduce you to their friends - a suite of mangy animals all co-existing in a world dominated by humans. And wrestle with the fact that they quietly represent what Australia finds unsavoury... about itself.

This show is 60 minutes of whimsy and wit with a big heart. Faster than a Mack truck in the right lane, as dogged as the P Plater in the blue ute tailgating you and with all the joy of a road trip amongst dear friends, 'Fox' entertains whilst confronting white Australia with the importance of acknowledging one's positionality in this country today. Directed by Solomon Rumble, produced by Jess Lu, written and performed by Meg Taranto as FOX and starring Clover Blue as CROW, alongside a small ensemble of brilliant entertainers, FOX is absurdist, political, camp, hilarious, a theatrical romp featuring new Australian writing and work from emerging artists.

About Three Bags Fool

Three Bags Fool is an emerging collective of artists, formed by Sol Rumble and Meg Taranto in Naarm/Melbourne. At present we work across live performance but our minds are set ablaze by form and genre bending work. Our ethos is that when people are laughing, they are better equipped to care about things. Comedy brings engagement and engagement brings mindfulness. We hope to tell stories for and with our audiences in a way that locates people in time and space and, we hope that with our storytelling we contribute to a kinder, more whimsical and empathetic world.

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