For Love Nor Money

A poet, a director, a politician. A twisted game of sex and love. A hunger for success.

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A close up shot of three people. You can only see their shoulders and the bottom halves of their faces and there are shadows across most of the image. On the far right, a person with red lipstick on has their tongue out, about to lick the face of the person in the middle. The person in the middle is wearing a striped navy and white shirt, and they have their face tilted up with a look of both pain and pleasure. On the far left, a person in a blue suit is whispering in the ear of the person in the centre. They also have their hand around the throat of the person in the centre.

Image Credit: Chelsea Neate

  • Written by: Angus Cameron

  • Directed by: Justin Nott

  • Produced by: Victorian Theatre Company

Get what you want. No regrets.

When emerging artists Liam and Mel seduce Ryan one wet night in Melbourne the course of their lives change forever. Is it love or just part of the plan?

'For Love Nor Money' is a brilliant and sexy new queer play by award-winning writer Angus Cameron (DIRT). Directed by Justin Nott (Variations or Exit Music) this bitingly relevant dark comedy rips open the millennial experience to see how far we will go to succeed when the world is collapsing around us.

This is one naughty little show not to be missed. Be careful who you love.

This project received Cash to Create and Cash for Equity through the Fringe Fund, as part of Radical Access.

About Victorian Theatre Company

Victorian Theatre Company was formed in 2020 in Melbourne/Naarm by six artists from different practices. We make new and experimental theatre in St Kilda, Melbourne.

The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.
We are attracted to writing that is honest. We like working with actors who speak with their true voice and are able to reveal the human parts of themselves that are usually hidden from the world. There is a kind of truth that can only be found onstage; sometimes it resembles our real lives and sometimes not. We mainly work with Australian writing.

We are inspired by Australian artists like Jenny Kemp, Richard Murphet, Barrie Kosky, Lindy Davies, Evelyn Krape, Robert Menzies & Roslyn Oades.

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