Drown your sorrows. Rinse off thoroughly. Maybe it’s just a dream.

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Close up of a blonde woman's face. She stands, dripping wet, against a blue background. She is wearing a blue dress. Mascara drips from her blue eyes. She is looking at you.

Image Credit: Darren Gill

  • Created and Performed by: Isabella Gilbert

  • Produced by: Double Garage Productions

FLUSH is tinder, hook-ups, situationships, dreams, nightmares and hallucinations. Hot, wet, icky, romantic, tragic, comic, biblical, cinematic. It’s me, raw and unfiltered; living in a climate crisis, drowning in the dating pool.

It’s the very serious artist who didn’t ask me a single question. The one-night-stand whose dog had more personality than he did. The hookup whose bathroom door fell off in my hands.

FLUSH is a multidisciplinary creation; a fusion of contemporary dance, classical theatre, stand-up comedy, projection, text and voice. A solo work exploring the concept of water through biblical and Shakespearean contexts and overlaying these themes onto a contemporary society in crisis. FLUSH interrogates traditional constructs of gender and explores these in the supercharged context of dating, sex and relationships. It’s boys and lockdown, nostalgia and innocence, nightmares, dreams and hallucinations.

To water is to purify, cleanse, baptise, sanitise, wash, purge, plunge.

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