... how long is never, really?

  • Dates 10 - 14 Oct
  • Time 7:00pm, 9:00pm, 2:00pm (80 minutes)
  • Venue Theatre Works
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A person reaches for a flame on a blue background with a red bra and black lace get up. They have sparkles on their face running down like tears and their eyes are wild.

Image Credit: Darren Gill

  • Written by: Eva & Ruby Rees

  • Dramaturg: Eva Rees

  • Commissioned by: Theatre Works

A girl returns home from a night out, muscles aching from dancing. A boy she has never seen before sits in her flat, awaiting her return. Assuming the worst, the girl takes a frying pan to the boy’s temple, and when he claims he has been banished from Neverland by Peter Pan, the girl thinks the boy is crazy, high or both. That is until his story begins tugging on a memory she thought she had forgotten...

Drawing on JM Barrie’s mythological tale, Flit is a new work that “caresses the tumultuous”, and “possesses a raw, mesmerising quality” (Arts Hub). It is a drug induced psychosis; a scathed daydream; the remnants of shattered childhood innocence. Directed in a mode that is “stylish, energetic and exciting” (Theatrepeople), Flit occurs entirely in one room, riddled with degenerate nostalgia and pulsating with the kind of intimacy evoked by the most pathological of human tendencies. Flit will leave you feeling like you’ve seen it before - but can’t remember where.

Eva Rees originated the role of Albus Potter in the Melbourne production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. She will perform in the Malthouse immersive show “Hour of the Wolf” in October.
Ruby Rees undertook intensive acting, playwriting and directing training at the world-renowned Herbert Berghof studio in New York City. She completed a residency at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre Company in 2016.

This project was developed with the support of Creative Victoria; Sustaining Creative Workers Grant Funding; and Theatre Works’ Melbourne fringe Artist First Commission Program.

About Theatre Works

Theatre Works is one of Australia’s longest-running independent theatres, constantly reinvigorating and reimagining the sector by providing a hotbed for artists and audience development. The organisation fills a vital niche in the Australian cultural landscape as an artistic home and destination for the ambitious, the new and the eminent. Theatre Works champions artists and work that embraces difference and celebrates risk, working to provide a supportive public platform for marginalised conversations and voices. This Fringe season, Theatre Works is showcasing ten shows over three weeks across two venues - Theatre Works (14 Acland Street ,St Kilda) & Explosives Factory (Rear Laneway, 67 Inkerman Street).

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