Environmental Performance Lecture.

Fringe allocation exhausted – see venue website
A person wearing a white chemical spray-suit and speed dealer sun glasses is lying down and posing confidently in front of a vegetable growing out of a glass beaker, while holding a hand held chemical spray gun. The image backdrop is a sea of corn kernels.

Image Credit: Harry McGee

  • Created and Performed by: Brooke Arblaster

  • Directed by: Harry McGee

  • Outside Eye: Cheryn Frost

Please note: Melbourne Fringe’s ticket allocation is exhausted, for tickets visit the Butterfly Club website.

A horticultural industry insider delivers a performance lecture/psychedelic brain fart attempting to demystify man-made ecocide through farming heaps of food for heaps of people.

After beginning a career in the Australian horticultural industry with the intent of earning income through ethical work, Brooke Arblaster learnt about the horrific reality of how modern agricultural practices deplete life from the Earth's soil at alarming rates and how these processes came to fruition by the Green Revolution of the 1960's.

Reflecting on the health of Australian soil, and our attitudes towards it, the show is pretty silly, and a bit sad, but isn't everything these days.

Let's come together for a late night loungeroom session of understanding food production.

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