Edgar Rice Playground

A cooperative game played in a jungle of hanging LEDs.

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  • Design by: Douglas Wilson

  • In Collaboration with: Thomas Perl

  • Sound Design: David Kanaga

Edgar Rice Playground is a physical-digital installation game where 1 to 4 players work together to surmount challenges in a jungle of hanging PlayStation Move Controllers. Grab the glowing vines of your team color and follow them around the jungle as the colors move around. You'll need to communicate and work together as a team in order to survive each level. How far can you make it, and will you uncover the special twist ending?

Design and programming by Douglas Wilson & Thomas Perl. Co-produced by Melissa McGlensey. Features interactive sound and music by David Kanaga (Proteus, Dyad, Oikospiel)

The game is free and availability is drop-in (first come, first served). Presented live by Douglas Wilson.


Nominee, IndieCade 2013, Los Angeles
Best in Fest Grand Prize Winner, Come Out & Play 2013, New York

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