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Dunes Rolling Down Dunes

In a relentless state of dissolving choreography, performers fall like Icarus from the sun . . .

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A close-up image of two people against a mustard-yellow background. The person in the foreground has their back to the viewer, with their head tilted upwards and arms outstretched above their shoulders. They hold a red feather to the top right corner of the picture frame. The other figure stands in the opposite direction, their eyes gaze beyond the others outstretched arm. They both wear white and cream clothing.

Image Credit: Image courtesy of the artist

  • Created by: Benjamin Hurley

‘Dunes Rolling Down Dunes’ spirals deeply into the meeting point of a conjured mythology. Stuck in a relentless state of dissolving choreography and purpose, performers Benjamin Hurley and Arabella Frahn-Starkie swoop through their embodied and imagined histories like Icarus falling from the sun . . .

Two musicians sync in and out of rhythm, as they weave together sound scores from symbolic narratives. Time vacuumed into a blurry visioned vortex, pulsing in other worldly priestess tempos. An eerie vocalisation captured within a textual world that continuously folds in on itself . . .

A boot. A feather. A relic . . . a bag full of useless stuff.

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Created by: Benjamin Hurley
Performed by: Benjamin Hurley and Arabella Frahn-Starkie
Composers: Robert Downie and Oliver Cox
Set Design: Matthew Bird and Jason Crow
Costume Design: Geoffrey Watson

Dunes Rolling Down Dunes has been supported by the Besen Family Foundation, the City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund, Temperance Hall, Chunky Move Minimax Residencies, and a GUTS Dance Residency.

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