Dubious intent

A poignant piece about the breaking of a - once thought - lifelong friendship.

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  • Written and Directed by: Callum O’Mara

  • Produced by: Lonely Heart Theatre Company

We have depth, but remain ignorant of what lies behind the mask; chain to what we thought we wanted, bound sometimes, to an illusion of self.

Two twenty-year-olds book a study room consistently every week and work with the intention of becoming successful writers. However, one man's dream can be another's nightmare, and a once functional relationship, held together by a shared promise, ceases to be sustainable. It’s saying goodbye though, that proves to be the hardest struggle of all, especially when contention seems to be the most favorable way of communicating.

About Lonely Heart Theatre Company

Dubious Intent is the company's first original piece. Having formed early in the year, this new and emerging company aims to shed light on different areas of the emotional condition by working with fresh and exciting talent.

Dubious Intent written by Callum O’Mara, originated from personal experience and a desire to understand why sometimes friendships, not just romantic relationships, can end so abruptly. Never intending it to be longer than two pages, Callum felt he only scratched the surface starting out, and after morally questioning himself, with questions such as - "is it morally right to leave a friend if the spark isn’t there anymore?" - felt compelled to stretch it out to a one act play. Having studied at WAAPA and the Howard Fine studio, Callum mainly considers himself an actor, but the lack of an opportunity an actor gets, has caused him to use his imagination in different ways and has written numerous projects over the years mainly for film.

Lonely Heart theatre company's debut show was Rogues’ Gallery by John Patrick Shanley, which went up at the Butterfly Club early July. Well received and talked of highly, the show consisted of eight actors who acted a monologue each from this recently written show by the renowned American playwright. The company hopes to give more emerging actors the opportunity to work with good professional material but also wants to champion artists trying to put up original work.

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