Douglas Rintoul: Brave and Bold

A high-energy blend of musical comedy, cabaret, sketch, and refusing to take life too seriously.

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A man in a white t-shirt and green shirt against an orange background. He is smiling and holding a glass of water in front of his mouth, which is mirroring it to face back towards him. A musical keyboard is out of focus behind him.

Image Credit: Tom Noble

  • Created and Performed by: Douglas Rintoul

  • Composer: Marlon Grunden

  • Technical Manager: Jacinta Anderson

Douglas is a bit of an oddball - and honestly, chances are that you are as well. He’s got a theory that everyone is a lot stranger than they want to let on, and that we’re all missing out on a lot of life because of it. So he’s gonna do something about it. Specifically, sing some songs, tell some stories, and play some wacky characters. That’ll fix it.

Join him as he embraces the weirdest parts of himself, putting them on stage for you to laugh at / with / adjacent to. Why, you may ask? Because being your weirdest self is the bravest and boldest thing you can do. (That’s the title of the show, so it’s very clever.)

Pairs well with memories of an embarrassing social interaction as you’re trying to fall asleep, and a nice Merlot.

2022 Green Room Award Nominee (Bits Akimbo, Best Ensemble - Independent Theatre)

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