Dougie Baldwin

One of Melbourne's finest clowns presents an hour of absurd physical comedy.

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A man in his 20s wearing a white shirt, grey vest and a black tie. He is wearing golden circular glasses and has short brown hair. The photo was taken from a low angle so the background is the blue sky and clouds. He has a care free expression on his face and is jumping in the air with his hands above his head.

Image Credit: Dylan Murphy

  • Written and Performed by: Dougie Baldwin

"I believe the universe directs us exactly where we need to be in life. Whether it's somewhere we expect or can't quite understand, there is a larger plan laid out for us. It's our job to simply be taken on the ride. So the fact that you've read this far is probably a sign you should come to my show. If you don't then you clearly haven't understood the lesson I just taught you and that's pretty embarrassing." - Dougie Baldwin This project received Cash for Equity through the Fringe Fund, as part of the Ralph Mclean Microgrants program.

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