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Design Fringe: Keynote Talk - Designing Our Utopian Futures

What do female leaders in design, urban planning, and science envision for the future?

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Cassie Leatham sits in a chair on stage speaking. She wears several rings on both hands, motioning with right and holding twine in her left. The stage is positioned in front of a projection screen that has several words written on it, including

Image Credit: Shelley Xue

  • Presented by: Melbourne Fringe and Linden New Art

Join Linden New Art for an in-depth panel discussion to speculate on the boundless possibilities of our future utopias and explore the pivotal role of design in shaping the future today.

What does the future hold for our cities? Can design become a tool to save the world and help to regenerate ecosystems? How might we harness local resources and revert to sustainable practices?

Embark on this journey of discovery alongside influential female leaders in design, urban planning, and science. This event presents a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, engage in meaningful dialogue, and ponder the profound influence we hold in designing our utopian futures.

This event will be Auslan Interpreted on request and will require minimum 48 hours notice so we can ensure an interpreter is available. Please email and we will be happy to provide this service.

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