A witty, energetic stand-up comedy debut about making your stand-up comedy debut.

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  • Created and Performed by: Stephanie Popovski

For as long as she can remember, Stephanie has been told she should do stand-up comedy. Or a podcast. Or a YouTube Channel. Really, these are all just code for “wow, you talk a lot”, but what these people failed to realise is just how much their ideas tempted her.

So, with a hatred of editing software and a love of having a live audience, Stephanie has finally decided to that great leap into the noble and integral profession of stand-up comedy.

Of course, she’s far from the only person pursuing this prestigious path, and when it feels like everyone else has some signature way of standing out, a girl starts to worry that everything has been done before, you know?

Armed with nothing but her wit, a wide array of wacky opinions and even wackier stories, and a winning personality, Stephanie Popovski hopes her debut show “Derivative” will be a memorable hour of laughs which doesn’t live up to its name.

About Stephanie Popovski

Stephanie Popovski is a first-time stand-up comedian, two-time presidential election winner*, and full-time Aquarius sun & moon who loves the night sky, putting pesto on things, and talking extensively about her opinions on movies (so much so that getting one degree on this wasn't enough and she's gone back for a second). Oh, and making people laugh.
*Of a university cheese club

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