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A unique conversation about a Deaf-Queer actor living in the middle of the Deaf & Hearing worlds.

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A tall man with olive skin and has dark features, such as dark-trimmed beard and dark wavy hair. He is signing 'middle' in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) which the left hand is flat, and the other hand has the middle finger placing onto the flat hand which is the definition of that is 'middle' in Auslan. There is a white cochlear implant hooked onto his ear. The man is wearing a tight black tee tucked in a high-waist black business pants.

Image Credit: Mish Winters

  • Created and Performed by: Nathan Borg

  • Presented by: Sam Martin

'Deaf Enough' is a Deaf-led conversation that will be told in Auslan (Australian Sign Language) by Deaf Queer actor, activist and strong community member Nathan Borg. Nathan will be sharing the struggles and challenges of living across both the Deaf world and the hearing world. Sam Martin, who is also Deaf Queer and strong community member, will be bringing up conversations around living with a hearing family, speaking and signing, dating, Deaf community, hearing people, medical professionals and finding access.

The conversation will all explore how Nathan had to navigate to feel “Deaf enough”, as while Nathan has been profoundly Deaf since the age of 7 months, Auslan wasn't Nathan's first language; he didn't go to a Deaf school; and only had met the first Deaf person at the age of 23.

'Deaf Enough' breaks down misconceptions about Deaf identity, access needs, language and speech. 'Deaf Enough' is an emotional and unique conversation that never gets told often.

About Nathan Borg

Through the use of Auslan, Deaf presenter Sam Martin will be interviewing Deaf actor/advocate Nathan Borg of his experiences and challenges of being in both Deaf and hearing worlds.

Nathan was confirmed profoundly deaf at the age of 7 months old, he grew up oral in a supportive hearing family. With lack of access to vital information we have today, his parents trusted and were guided by medical professionals as they navigated through their journey into the unknown.

Nathan’s sister became his first Ally by learning Auslan before anyone in his family. Whilst it has been instrumental and valuable being bilingual in both English and Auslan, it has also provided some challenges of isolation.

With Nathan’s ability to express himself through speech with assistance of his cochlear implant, this has often lead to people misinterpreting that he is not ‘Deaf enough’ or that ‘his speech is too perfect for a Deaf person’.

An Auslan conversation between Sam and Nathan to highlight the importance of recognising and addressing these common misconceptions in order to create more inclusive and supportive environments for our hearing, deaf and hard of hearing communities.

It is never too late to learn Auslan, it is never too late to join us to embrace our inclusive community that would not just benefit the deaf and hoh, but everyone from all walks of life.

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