Dazza and Keif Reenact the Romeo + Juliet Movie Playing All the Roles

The Greatest Bromance of All Time.

$20.00 - $35.00
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An image of two drag kings, Dazza and Keif kissing and holding each other. Keif is centre left with his eyes closed and is wearing a patterned shirt. Keif has light brown hair, some stubble and a moustache. Dazza is centre right wearing two pairs of sunglasses, one over his eyes and the other above his brow. Dazza has fluorescent yellow hair and a southern cross tattoo on his neck. 

Above them is a flaming heart that reads,

Image Credit: Britt Westaway Art and Design

  • Created and Performed by: Danni Ray & Keely Windred

  • Presented by: Tom Backhaus

  • Featuring: Justin Nott as "Gay Jordan"

"4 neva woz a story of more woah. Than this of Dazzliet and his Keifeo.”

Naarm's sikkest b-boyz are back and ready to show off their sensitive sides. Following the success of their reenactment of James Cameron's Titanic, best mates Dazza and Keif take on the greatest love story of all time, only without any of the boring chik stuff.

This all killer, no filler thrill ride will take you on the rollercoaster of young love with fully sik dances, fiddlestick jokes (if ya know what i mean lol) and plenty of (no)homoerotic tension.

Praise for Dazza and Keif:

"Hilarious and unique." - Theatre Travels

"A well-crafted piece of comedy and theatre that is political as much as it is farcical." - My Melbourne Arts

"Never has there been Australian comedy gold like this." - Theatre People

"...Interpreted to perfection like only Dazza and Keif can." - Australian Arts Review

"Dazzaling." - Squirrel Comedy

"Wtf is going on are they chicks?!" - Unnamed Adelaide Fringe patron

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