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Two adults embody their child selves, dancing through memories, 00s pop-culture and friendship.

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  • Choreographed by: Oliver Savariego

  • Performed by: Chloe Arnott & Luke Fryer

  • Design by: El Schmiedte

'Creche' is an experimental contemporary dance work by Oliver Savariego exploring childhood, nostalgia, pop-culture and friendship. Two performers, Chloe Arnott and Luke Fryer, channel their inner child through mind and body and are seemingly stuck in a noughties time capsule universe, left to entertain themselves.

Despite having a lot yet to learn, children have much to teach us. This absurd, chaotic and light-hearted performance celebrates the imagination, impulsiveness and non-judgement of childhood, set to a soundtrack of trashy '00s pop. Grown adults uncannily assume child-like coordination and personalities, proposing a new yet familiar dance aesthetic as they negotiate their surroundings and amuse each other. A caring motherly figure keeps watch from a distance, ready to clean their mess and guide their actions.

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