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CLUB FRINGE: The Fringe Formal

Melbourne's best alternative comedians put on an immersive 80s prom night.

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An AI generated image of three people in 80s formalwear (one in a black dress with long curly hair, one in a suit with two pocket squares, the third in a pink dress with blue neckscarf) in a lounge room. Their faces are distorted and blurred. They each have a yellow crown scribbled over their heads.

Image Credit: Dylan Murphy

  • Presented by: Hairbrush Comedy & Limbo

Welcome to Trades Hall High! It’s 1987 and Vice Principal Dougie Baldwin is trying to give the graduating class the perfect Formal send off... but a strange supernatural presence lurks in the darkness.

Students, staff and chaperones are invited to dress according to theme (Round The Twist x Stranger Things x Carrie), collect a cup of Blue Lagoon punch and enjoy a lineup of bold, brash, subversive character comedy before hitting the dancefloor. In between hauntings and apparitions, guests are welcome to ruthlessly campaign for awards (including "Best Hair", "Worst Aura", "Teacher's Pet") and get their picture taken at our delightfully demonic photo booth.

But beware the spirit of Trades Hall High, which threatens to swallow up the Formal unless Vice Principal Baldwin and the student body can perform an exorcism in time!

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund.

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