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This anti-pageant beauty pageant burns the rule book and embraces the Fringe-tastic.

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A sillohette of a person stands in front of a neon sign that is pink and purple and says CLUB FRINGE. The person's silhouette has a fuzzy hat and a sharp nail pointing up.

Image Credit: Duncographic

  • Presented by: Melbourne Fringe

Serving all the drama, diamantes and dummy spits of Toddlers in Tiaras, this anti-pageant beauty pageant chucks out arbitrary beauty standards and dials up the Fringey, the fabulous and the fantastical.

This line-up of wannabe Fringe pageant-royalty will compete in an over-the-top battle royale, busting out their most outlandish looks, mind-boggling talents and answering ludicrous interview questions to win the crown... and your hearts.

Who will be the inaugural Mx Fringe?

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