Burnout Paradise

Four performers on four treadmills celebrate the optimistic stages before burnout.

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A young person shoots confetti towards the camera. Their face is seen through the confetti, looking at the camera. They are wearing glasses and short brown hair with a mullet. Another young person behind is squirting a bottle of blue liquid into their face. The liquid is splashing into their face and they have their eyes shut. The have short brown hair.

Image Credit: Cameron Grant (Parenthesy)

  • Created and Performed by: Pony Cam

Performance collective Pony Cam will mount four treadmills in a exhaustive celebration.

After winning last year’s Best In Theatre Award (Grand Theft Theatre), they are back with a sweaty new show.

Burnout Paradise is an escalating series of challenges performed on four escalating treadmills.

A physical and cathartic celebration of the euphoric optimism that comes before burnout.

An unravelling realisation that the system we participate in is not designed for us.

Burnout Paradise is not a stage adaptation of the hit 2008 racing game from the same name.
“Their gleefully subversive approach to performance breaks down traditional modes to create an immediate, welcoming and joyful theatrical experience.” (The Age, Anything You Can Do)

“Pony Cam’s work is like nothing else on Melbourne’s stages right now.” (TheatreFirst, Anything You Can Do)

“Truly inventive, unpredictable, hilarious and moving.” (Keith Gow, Grand Theft Theatre)

“Someone should throw money at them... ” (The Age)

About Pony Cam

We are an award winning performance company that creates devised experimental theatre.

Our work is driven by a desire to bring people together to create experiences that could not otherwise be had. By subverting well-known forms, activating unexpected spaces, and inviting audiences into our work in unexpected ways, we create moments where audiences are challenged to question their assumptions, laugh at themselves, and reject habitual recourse.

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