A comedic look into existing in a society built for others as a burned-out (not so) former emo kid.

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Person with bluish green hair falling across their right eye, looks up at the camera in pose that is a throwback to old myspace era photos. They are wrapped up in 'Fragile' tape which starts across the side of their head where they have an undercut, and wraps around their upper body multiple times. One hand is playing a chord on a small keyboard in their lap and the other is throwing up a peace sign.

Image Credit: MOUK. MEDIA

  • Written and Performed by: Charlotte Armstrong

  • In Association With: MOUK. MEDIA

Char is [not] okay. (They promise!)

Therapy is expensive. Especially for a 20-something freelancer recovering from burnout and trying to remember to do laundry, eat, and pay their fines so they don’t accidentally end up with a warrant out for their arrest.

Especially when the Medicare funded sessions are cut in half and their therapist moves to Finland so they’re no longer eligible for the rebates they’ve almost run out of anyway.

When the system fails, what’s a not-so-former emo kid to do but write songs about the emotional baggage they're still trying to forget about and crack jokes that only occasionally have people asking, "Are you okay?”

They’re [not] okay. They promise.

But maybe it's okay to be a little bit broken.

Taking inspiration from the likes of My Chemical Romance, The Dresden Dolls, and Bo Burnham, Broke[n] is about fighting the system through art, music, and comedy, and finding therapy in the process of creation.

It’s a big f**k you to all the people who tell you you don’t look like you’re struggling, and systems that proclaim to be there to support you while simultaneously treating you like a burden for simply asking for the offered support. A show to highlight that we’re not as broken as the system that has decided our existence is the problem.


MOUK. MEDIA is a digital and live media production company focused on helping all kinds of performers bring their ideas to life. Founded by Millie Piskopos in 2022, this fresh Melbourne collective alleviates the pressures of business for modern creatives, allowing them to focus on their art by providing practical production and digital media support, and capturing stunning content throughout the process of creation.

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