Boats and Bogans

A cultural buffet of comedy, pushing all boundaries!

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  • Presented by: Multicultural Comedy

  • Performed by: Delhi Buoy, Aditya Gautam and guests

  • Performed by: Paul Ndungu and Lisa Lee

We find the funniest boat people and the funniest bogans, and we give them a comedy show! There will be stories, and there will be stomach hurting gut spewing pants pissing laughter. With award-winning immigrant and local talent, it's the most versatile comedy show in Australia!

About Multicultural Comedy

Multicultural Comedy represents modern Australia. We, the people of Australia, not only recognise diversity but we are willing to share a laugh about it too. We can take a joke and we make fun of ourselves.
Much like our country, our shows strive to have diversity and something in them for everyone.

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