Beverly Kills - Heaven & Hell

Part comedy, part cabaret and 100% DRAG!

  • Dates 13 - 14 Oct
  • Time 7:00pm, 7:30pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue The Ukiyo
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A drag queen Beverly stands in a fiery doorway wearing a red bedazzled, warrior outfit. Above her left shoulder is the angel version of Beverly. Above her right shoulder is the devil version of Beverly. The door floats above a dark body of water which reflects the flames and embers floating around it.

Image Credit: Joel Devereux

  • Presented by: So Soiree Fringe Garden

  • Created and Performed by: Beverly Kills

  • In Association with: Seismic Talent Agency

Putting the dead in drop-dead gorgeous - Beverly Kills is stuck between “Heaven and Hell”.

After a freak accident and Beverly’s untimely (yet fabulous) death, come watch the live verdict...Will a lifetime of sin *drag* her case down? Or will this knock-out one woman spectacular be holy (and hilarious) enough for a spot with the big G.O.D?

“Wanted to scream, gasp, dance and sing along with her... Which I couldn’t help myself from doing” - MADELEINE LITCHFIELD, Author at Glass.
“Masterfully macabre” - SHEA DAWSON, Journalist


About City of Stonnington

Putting the QUEEN in Queensland, Beverly Kills is one of Australia's drag darlings, with a sideshow hook and burlesque uppercut, this girl is a total knock-out!

As a future Aussie entertainment icon, but current drag starlet, Beverly's past four years of work in helping cultivate Australian queer culture has brought her to be the first and only QLD representative on RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under. She’s a whip crackin’, fire eatin’, jump splittin’, tail waggin’ drag queen. A consummate professional, yet total party-girl.

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