A photograph of dancer Ate Cheska in a blue shirt and pants. The background is black. They are sitting on the floor with their arms over one leg. It is a double exposure shot, where a previous shot of them with their arms raised is layered over.

Image Credit: Vanessa Valenzuela

  • Created and Performed by: Te Bajao (Ate Cheska)

  • Produced by: Maki Morita

This is a horror dance — a push and pull of pain and pleasure, mutating into something non-human, beyond human, or even godly... It pays homage and surrenders to the supernatural, drawing influence from creatures in Filipino folklore such as Aswang, as well as iconic psychological thriller and horror films such as Suspiria and The Grudge.

Composer: Nikodimos
Lighting Designer: Nahui Ludekens
Costume & Set Designer: Tamara Leacock
Stage Manager & Operator: Naavikaran

10% of all profits will be donated to Black Rainbow.
Supported by Wear it Purple.

About Te Bajao (Ate Cheska)

Te Bajao (Ate Cheska) is a movement artist born in Pilipinas and currently based on unceded Wurundjeri and Bunurong land. Their movement style is grounded in contemporary and street dance, as well as ballroom styles such as Vogue Fem. They are a daughter of the House of Juicy-Slé, a trailblazing house based on Gadigal land (Sydney). Te's work is responsive, impulsive and has a heavy, sensual and dark core. They seek to give audiences a visceral and intimate experience. Te has performed at arts festivals including RISING, Dark Mofo, AsiaTOPA and Next Wave. They are also known for their performance at queer events around Melbourne including Queer Lunar New Year, Signal, Club Sandwich and Carabiners: a Queer Extravaganza.

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