Beauty Queen

Modesty meets vanity and hero becomes villain in this provocative pageant.

$25.00 - $27.50
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A caucasian, blonde woman in her early 30's is smiling into the distance with a light grey backdrop. She has on glam makeup and wears a tiara . She is clutching a large mirror. Within the mirror is another photo of herself wearing the tiara, a jewelled necklace and a lilac dress. This version of her looks shocked and is holding a knife with blood dripping on the end.

Image Credit: Sarah Clarke

  • Written and Performed by: Emily Carr

  • Directed by: Jackson McGovern

  • Dramaturg: Meg Ham

'Beauty Queen' is a gripping satire that follows the story of Greek mythological heartbreaker and readily labelled villain Narcissus, reincarnated as a young woman vying for the crown of Miss World Australia.

This one-woman show unpacks the curse of Narcissus with a darkly comedic twist. It explores society’s obsession with beauty and challenges the widely accepted notion that modesty is a virtue while rejecting the idea that vanity is inherently negative.

Featuring sinister judges, overzealous contestants and an unhinged protagonist, 'Beauty Queen' is a provocative revenge thriller that blurs the traditional boundary between hero and villain.

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