Dance & Physical Theatre

Back Pocket

Poetic physical theatre exploring the privilege of peace in Queer existence.

$20.00 - $28.00
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  • Presented by: TART Theatre Collective

  • Directed by: Maeve Hook

  • Written by: Nikki Viveca

A Queer dived into Time’s back pocket.. and Time strolled on... and Time forgot...
Which was just how the Quiet Queer liked it.

'Back Pocket' explores who we might become if we got the chance to know and grow in our own context. It is a questioning of storytelling and legacy, diving heart first into Queer joy, hope and dreaming. A bath, a beach day, a pocket in time... how do you build an existence that is bespoke, beautiful and fully expressed? And who would you share it with?

About TART Theatre Collective

TART is an independent theatre collective, aiming to be a warm home for the creation of high-quality work in an environment of playfulness and joy.

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