Art of the Song

Celebrate the music of two of the most influential songwriting collaborations of the 20th Century.

  • Dates 04 - 08 Oct
  • Time 6:00pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue Bar Open
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Pete Walsh performing in his unique styling at a Festival

Image Credit: David Montgomery

  • Performed by: Pete Walsh

  • Written and Directed by: Pete Walsh

Art of the Song is a witty and entertaining musical journey diving into the songs of Burt Bacharach and The Beatles, looking deep into their approaches to love and loss, joy and heart ache.

The collaborations of Burt Bacharach with a number of people over 50 years wrote over 200 songs. The Beatles, also with approx. 213 songs achieved the same influence over mainstream popular music in just 7 years.

Performing live in one of Melbourne’s iconic music hubs, Pete digests and compares the songs of these highly influential artists from the 1960’s. Expect to hear your favourite songs and some lesser known works by these legendary artists. Audience participation will be welcome!

About The Facilitators Group

Peter Walsh has performed as a musician for over 40 years on vocals, keyboard and guitars.

Over recent years, in addition to leading a small ensemble, he has an extensive background in musical theatre for regional companies including Cabaret, Funny Girl, Jesus Christ Superstar and Secret Garden.

He is an accomplished musician and entertainer working primarily in the Central Victorian region. He has also performed internationally in PNG and the USA.

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