Are You a Boy or a Girl?

A love letter to any queer person that has been asked by a stranger: Are You a Boy or a Girl?

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  • Written and Performed by: Frankie Fearce

Being a violently androgynous person, you are often asked: Are You a Boy or a Girl?

Frankie Fearce, Christian-raised turned raging fruit tart, shares fresh and personal perspectives on (toxic) masculinity, gender and living authentically as a queer person in a heterosexual world. Using her sidesplitting wit and engaging storytelling, this sell-out & award-winning show will leave you laughing and pondering for days.

Frankie earned two nominations for Best Emerging Artist & Best Comedy Show, and took the award for Best Premiere Show of Newcastle Fringe 2023 with ‘Are You a Boy or a Girl?’

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