A grainy sepia photo taken from behind a marble statue depicting a woman's figure clothed in flowing fabric. The statue is within a garden. The image is torn in two places, one of which is sewn with red thread to keep the image together.

Image Credit: Aeva Milos

  • Presented by: Unspooled Theatre Collective

  • Written and Directed by: Laura Charlton and Sabina Donato

  • Produced by: Arky Ryall

As Medea and Jason welcome old friends into their home, forgotten tensions, repressed memories, and the spectres of bygone violence begin to haunt what should have been a joyful reunion. Their shared history is a minefield and it doesn’t help that Medea is freshly wounded at the hands of her husband, reeling from a betrayal their relationship may never recover from.

ante/medea, from the team behind Melbourne Fringe 2022’s HAML3T, breathes intense, complicated life into the negative space between The Argonautica and Medea. This domestic drama questions whether it is possible to escape the gravitational pull of trauma and history, offering an intimate exploration of how the claustrophobic desires of the people around her can drive one woman to an act of infamous, unprecedented violence.

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